Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Muchkin Review


My 5 month old princess has been teething for a while now. Anything that she can grab and put into her mouth, she will do so. The Munchkin fresh food feeders are intended for feeding. I had heard from a couple of mothers that they work wonders for teething babies. On the down side, I have also heard that they are a disaster. So today we put them to the test!

The feeders are small and light, which make them perfect for little hands! My little one is only 5 months, so her hand eye coordination is not too great. She did have a hard time putting it into her mouth by herself, while holding the handle. We started off with peaches. I just bought a bag of frozen ones from my local Publix. I opened the feeder, put the peach in and closed it back. Her first bite startled her because it was very cold. Then she loved it! I held it for her most of the time, because as I said before, she had a hard time finding her mouth with it. After she realized that she could hold the mesh, she had an easier time doing it by herself. The chewing and the cold felt amazing on her gums. The only con that I could find with these feeders, were that they can be a bit messy. It was very easy to clean. You can just wash out and throw in the dishwasher! All in all, using it as a teether, I would recommend it! 

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  1. what a sweet blog. Is that your baby?